Why do we build ArkaLearn ?

Why do we build ArkaLearn ?

What is the first thing that cross your mind the you hear “Indonesian Migrant Worker” ? Is it TKW ? The exploitation cases ? Or the human trafficking cases ? Either way.. all are unpleasant things, and it is so sad to hear things like that keep happening from time to time.

The  Indonesia bonus demography and increasing numbers of unemployment, makes indonesian people continue to seek work abroad as a migrant worker regardless all those cases, all those unclear processes.

It is so devastating just to think about it and concerning that until now there is no significant changes, so we decided that we have to do something about it.

How to protect Indonesian Migrant workers, from any possible unperformed working cases,  exploitation cases and even human trafficking cases ?  First they need to know who to ask , where to go, and understand the process. Get a good training, and after that continue to selection and recruitment process. Lets take a look at the first process, which is training.

The first process is a crucial process, because it will determine the next process. If the result from the first process is good then the next process will be much clearer and smoother. If the result from the first process is not good hence it is being forced to the next process, then there are possible unpleasant things that might happen in the future.

We do believe that growing good talent will make a significant impact to migrant workers. It is so much more than just graduated from vocational high school. They need to have skill in language proficiency, specific skill, understand the culture from that particular countries but also has a good soft skill like communication and pro-active.

As a start, we are developing interactive e-learning courses mobile app, to help prospective migrant workers become skilled. In April 2021 we just launched our e-learning web with Japan Language Level N5 Course, and hopefully it will be a good start to help Indonesian migrant workers, and finally can transform their livelihood.

Our Journey just begun, it is just one milestone from many more to come.

Arkalearn Soft Launch at Hotel Aryaduta, Bandung, 31 March 2021

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